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Specifications published here may be edited using two approaches: 

    • using a common word processor (Word, WordPerfect), supplemented with SpecMacros software,
    • using NBS Chorus web-based editing software, 

NBS Chorus

NBS Chorus is an online (web-based) specification editing tool, which runs on any platform (Windows, Apple) and any device that supports a browser (PC, tablet, smart phone).  Using Chorus you can access any of the specifications published by NBS Canada (Digicon), which are always kept up-to-date on the server. Chorus enables coordination and links with a BIM model via a Revit plug-in, greatly reducing the risk of uncoordinated specs and drawings.  As a web-based application, Chorus enables collaboration real-time inside your organization, or externally with clients and other consultants.

Browse to for more information about NBS Chorus.



Using a common word processor requires editing files manually using Microsoft Word. SpecMacros are being withdrawn from the marketplace. Many of the features are now included or not relevant with NBS Chorus software. 


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NBS Chorus

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