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Specifications Software

Specifications published through may be edited using two approaches: 

    • using a common word processor (Word, WordPerfect), supplemented with SpecMacros software,
    • using proprietary editing software, such as BIMdrive 


Using a common word processor requires editing files manually using Microsoft Word. To assist with this mode, Digicon offers SpecMacros; read the link below to find out more.

BIMdrive© is software that was developed using a Building Information Modelling (BIM) approach to specifying, to move your design office or specification writing practice into a new era. BIMdrive manages the entire specification in one interface, and enables users to include or exclude clauses using a point-and-click checkbox interface. For custom clauses, BIMdrive includes a comprehensive customized editor.

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The first Canadian specification management software developed by Digicon Information Inc for the BIM environment.
From $1,395.00