Your Source for Canadian Construction Documents

Your source for Canadian construction documents

CMS Goes Online Only!

Beginning July 1, 2020, our flagship product Canadian Master Specification (CMS) will only be sold in the new online service NBS Chorus. As a result, the Word version will no longer be offered from this storefront web site. Existing customers will still have access to their accounts, and the Word documents will continue to be updated on this site until the CMS subscriptions expire.

CMS was always positioned as being the 'master spec for specifiers' and this is the next step in the evolution of specifications. NBS Chorus enables collaboration features not possible in a word processing environment, and it integrates with BIM modeling software! 

We offer incentives for CMS customers to subscribe with NBS Chorus.

CMS and NMS available on NBS Chorus

CMS and NMS are both available on NBS Chorus - a web-based cloud service offered by NBS.  

For more information about NBS Chorus, browse to the NBS Canada web site


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