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SpecMacros for Word 2010-2016 (5.0.0)

An add-in for Word, designed to operate with Word documents.


SpecMacros© macros are intended to function with all of's master specification document products. In combination, these tools will assist specifiers to develop and prepare project specifications effectively and efficiently. SpecMacros© macros are "mini" programs and are written in the programming language indigenous to the word processing software being used (WordPerfect for Windows or MS Word). They quickly execute a series of keystrokes to achieve some desired function but at >>fast-as-light>> computer speed.

  • Support for both DOC and DOCX files (Word 2007, Word 2010 - 32 and 64-bit editions).
  • Support for Windows 7, 8, 10 and Windows Server 2008 (32 and 64-bit versions)
  • Persistent variables (macros remember their last known settings)
  • User-interface enhancements

Macro Descriptions:

    • Main Menu: A simple menu macro which calls all other macros. This is the only macro name you need to remember. Simply run the MAINMENU macro, and select from the list of other macros to run.
    • Cleanup: This macro is intended as a final "aesthetic" review before a final draft is created. The "Cleanup" macro removes square brackets which surround option statements (indicating a technical choice), removes "[OR]" lines (designating a choice between paragraphs), and initiates the Speller (if installed) to spell-check the final edited document.
    • Headers / Footers: Header and footer formatting are also selectable to Canadian and US (CSC and CSI) industry standards. This macro prompts the user to enter project information (single line footer in USA, three line header in Canada). This macro also permits changing between single/duplex printing layout modes.
    • Paragraph Numbering: To permit changing between the two optional paragraph numbering styles CSC (numeric, in Canada) versus CSI (alpha-numeric, in USA).
    • CSC format: an "all numeric" article and paragraph numbering method.
    • CSI format: a mixed "alpha-numeric" article and paragraph numbering method.
    • Specifier Notes: This macro is intended to allow users to toggle between visible (printable) and hidden (non-printable) specifier notes, or delete them altogether.
    • Project Table of Contents: This macro automatically opens all section files in a folder, extracts the section number, section title, and number of pages from each file, and generates a Table of Contents from the results. The generated Table of Contents is sorted numerically and subtitled by Division numbers.
    • Units of Measure: This macro selects units of measure in metric, inch/pound, or both, for any specification. All SpecSUITE© files contain "<....>" characters around metric units and "<<....>>" around inch/pound units.
    • File Print: This macro prints all files in a designated folder, alphabetically (sometimes word processors will send multiple files in incorrect order).
    • Long/Short File Naming: This macro converts all files in a designated folder to long filenames (6-digit number & section title) or to short filenames (only 6-digit numbers).

More details can be found in the SpecMacros User Manual.

SpecMacros are licensed on an annual, per-user (computer) basis. Subscription renewal price is 40% of the list price. Contact us for pricing on multi-user licenses.