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HomeSPEC© Master Specification
Specification subjects addressing residential requirements

Key Features:

• A small-sized master specification, oriented to residential construction projects.
• Principal building framing is based on either wood lumber or light-gauge metal materials.
• Specification sections address most of the commonly used products for residential facilities.
• Most specifications sections are from 1 to 3 pages long.
• The HomeSPEC library consists of approximately 38 master specification sections ranging from foundation and framing to most construction subjects associated with residential facilities.
• Abbreviated technical subject coverage within an integrated master subsystem to ensure a concise project specification document - yet text is enforceable if needed.
• Encompasses specification section subjects of varying complexity, but expressed in a concise format.
• HomeSPEC was introduced in 2004 - none other like it!
• HomeSPEC sections can be supplemented with other SpecSUITE© specifications such as MiniSPEC© and OutlineSPEC© on the same project.
• The author of all Digicon’s SpecSUITE master specification libraries also developed and maintained the most comprehensive master specification library available anywhere in the United States - SPECTEXT© - which is marketed for use throughout the USA. This expertise offers YOU the opportunity to acquire the best shortened form master specification library for residential construction available anywhere .... HomeSPEC.

Quality Assurance Features

• Digicon’s master specification libraries undergo regular annual “quality” checks to ensure glitch-free and problem-free editing by consultants, specifiers, and others who prepare project specifications.
• Our electronic documents are “sanitized” to ensure unwanted software codes are removed, that all text statements conform to our highest grammar standards, and that documents are ready for use.

Advantages of HomeSPEC Master Specification

• HomeSPEC can easily be integrated with other SpecSUITE libraries such as OutlineSPEC and MiniSPEC© on the same project. This offers a dynamic and natural approach to decision making and the development of any project specification.
• HomeSPEC can be used on most any public or private sector project. CMS has been used and accepted on federal, provincial, and territorial government projects - when edited in a non-proprietary context.
• Editing of HomeSPEC is made much easier and quicker using Digicon’s SpecMacros© macro utilities.

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A specification for residential construction.