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CMS Specifications

Canadian Master Specification (CMS)

• A full sized master specification system, oriented to medium and large construction.
• Consists of approximately 525+ sections.
• CMS© was first introduced in 1977 under the name of CONSPEC©, later changed in the early 1980's to CONSPEC2©. That trend setting specification package was Canada'a first master specification system, preceding the National Master Specification (NMS) by one year.
• Section content varies from new construction, to certain aspects of renovation, to project take-over and commissioning.
• Complete bid and contract document model forms, supporting CCDC standard forms in most instances, adding others where there may be voids.
• Thoroughly encompasses specification subjects of varying complexity from product only sections, to function oriented sections, to location specific sections.
• Written in prescriptive, proprietary, and performance terms; most sections permit a specifier to select a method, appropriate to the project.
• Can be preceded by other SpecSUITE© products such as MasterProspectus© and OutlineSPEC©.
• The author of SpecSUITE documents also developed and maintained the most comprehensive master specification system available anywhere in the United States; SPECTEXT©. SPECTEXT is marketed for use throughout the USA. This expertise offers YOU with the opportunity to acquire the best master specification available anywhere ... CMS©.

Refer to the latest SpexNews newsletter for a list of the latest updated sections.

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CMS Complete Library

A complete collection of Canadian Master Specification (CMS) sections, authored by Digicon Information Inc.