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The first Canadian specification management software developed by Digicon Information Inc for the BIM environment.

BIMdrive© software was developed using a Building Information Modelling (BIM) approach to specifying, to move your design office or specification writing practice into a new era.

    • Select from stand-alone license or network (floating) license.
    • Assemble specification projects using a simple point-and-click checkbox interface
    • Focus your time on project scope and materials selections, rather than editing text
    • Complies with all North American industry standards (eg: MasterFORMAT, SectionFormat, PageFormat)
    • Interfaces with the Canadian Master Specification (CMS) and National Master Specification (NMS) texts
    • Globally manage page and font formatting
    • Automatic cross-reference error-checking functions
    • Exports to PDF, XPS and DOCX file formats
    • Includes free BrandedSPEC proprietary specifications traditionally accessed through the Spex.ca storefront
    • Suitable for Canadian and United States projects (includes metric and inch-pound measurements; BrandedSPECs may cite standards for both countries). NOTE: NMS sections contain only SI measures.
    • BIMdrive is stand-alone software engineered to integrate with BIM software
    • Manage many customized Office Masters
    • Manage your own standards database.

Download the fully-functional Demo for 15 tries or 30 days.

NOTE: Existing subscribers can purchase BIMdrive for the cost of the software, and access the their database. BIMdrive users must also purchase a CMS or NMS subscription to use BIMdrive.

BIMdrive Network User License
BIMdrive network user license enables concurrent users to operate BIMdrive.
BIMdrive Single User License
BIMdrive single user license enables a single computer to operate BIMdrive.